Municipality of Guimba, Nueva Ecija
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Municipal Mayor

Our town of Guimba has come along since its first settlers, arriving in wooden carts and horsebacks, cleared the thick forests and planted the first rice seeds in 1865.

Those rice seeds have transformed Guimba as today’s top rice producing municipality of the province of Nueva Ecija — the acknowledged rice granary of the Philippines.

Much is owed from Guimba’s pioneers because it is from the foundations of its rich agricultural endowment that our town has emerged as a first class municipality and a fast growing agro-industrial economic hub for Northwestern Nueva Ecija.

And as we move closer in celebrating our 150th foundation anniversary in 2015, we continue to strive to transform our town as the Organic Capital of Nueva Ecija with both our rural and urban communities contributing to a thriving local economy and a common level of happiness brought by development and prosperity.

Ours is a shift towards sustainable development and the Millennium Development Goals where our common wealth is equitably shared, sustainable technologies and livelihoods thrive in our climate change resilient communities, and extreme hunger and poverty a thing of the past.

We welcome you to Guimba, your town of opportunities and prosperity!

User Comments

User: christian andre
my news po b about sa mga upcoming projects?such us commercial centers,supermarkets and malls?

User: Guimba Web Admin
Sa lahat ng nakiJAM sa Undas Aliwan Kagabi...maraming salamat sa inyo sa napakasuccessful na tugtugan....Sa mga performer.....Salamat sa inyo

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